Chapter 5 Flashcards
Name the 3 groups of colonies
southern, middle, and new England
Colonies for Southern group of colonies
Maryland, Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia
What are southern & middle colonies known for producing or growing?
S-indigo, tobacco, silk, rice, forest products, casks, barrels
M- fruits, veggies, wheat, manufacturing, mining, textiles, ship-building
Climate of the 3 groups
NE- Cold
M- Mild
S- Super Mild
Dominate religion in Georgia
Anglican church
Royal governments in GA
John Reynolds, Henry Ellis, James Wright
Accomplishments of the 3 royal governors in GA
JR- Bicameral legislature & court of conscience
HE-increased success of colony by allowing slavery & increased purchases of land
JW- finished palisades around Savanna
Countries involved in the french & Indian war
Britain, France (Spain secretly supporting french)
reason for fighting in french and Indian war
disputed ownership of Ohio River Valley
Treaty that ended the french and Indian war
The Treaty of Paris
results of the french and Indian war for great Britain
British win, control of Canada, Florida, western frontier was opened to all colonies, huge war debt, Spain gets Louisiana territory
French & Indian war benefits for Georgia
water access, farmland, forests, naval stores resources, western boundary, is at Mississippi river & southern at St. Marys River, more settlers
Sugar act
Tax on sugar and molasses (1764)
Stamp Act
tax on newspapers, legal documents, & licenses (1765)
Townshend Act
tax on tea, paper, glass, & coloring for paints (1765)
Reaction of the colonists about the acts & taxes
colonists protest
Georgia’s reaction to acts & taxes
Georgia agrees with the other colonies but doesn’t want to get involved too much
Why so little anti-British sentiment in GA?
more loyalists than patriots, don’t want to make the king mad
Name the patriot group in GA
Liberty Boys
First battle & last battle
Lexington & Concord/Battle of Yorktown
Who was Nancy Hart?
a women with a lot of courage who stood up to red coats
Treaty and result in revolutionary war
treaty of paris was signed in 1783. Independence was finally a reality
first GA constitution
Articles of Confederation/1777
Declaration of independence: Authors name
Thomas Jefferson
Declaration of independence: date
August 2nd, 1776
Declaration of independence: Georgians who signed it
Lyman Hall, Button Gwinnett, George Walton
Declaration of independence: 3 parts
Preamble, Body, Conclusion
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