EA Credit 4

EA Credit 4

Green Power

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Provide at least 50% of the tenant’s electricity from renewble resources (Green-e approved) with a 2 year contract

1. open mkt


3. trade

1 PT

Green Power Requirements
Provide at least 50% of tenant’s electricty from renewable sources by engaging in at least a two-year renewable energy contract.  Renewable sources are as defined by the Center for Resource Solutions (CRS) Green-e products certification requirements.

From the amount totaled from electricity utlity bills, this amount, if it includes the electrial plug loads and other process loads (ie. dishwashers in a kitchen), may exclude ________________

the space cooling, fans, and pumps and the list of other "regulated" electricity components.
Before doing the calculations you should:
Ask your landlord what’s not included in your bill, and add it in.
Space X .8
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