Env Bio Exam #1
Tropical Rainforests
-found near Earth’s equator
-6% of land, yet 50% of terrestrial plants and animals
Consequences of Disappearing Rainforests
1) Decreased biodiversity (extinction)
2) Accelerated climate change
3) Changes in regional weather patterns
4 Components of Earth’s Life Support System
-atmosphere (air)
-hydrosphere (water)
-geosphere (rock, soil, sediment)
-biosphere (living things)
Important parts of atmosphere
spherical envelope of gases around Earth
-troposphere: inner layer 17km at tropics, 7km at poles
-stratosphere: 17-50km
3 Factors Sustain Life
1) One way flow of high-quality energy
2) Cycling of matter or nutrients through parts of the biosphere
3) Gravity
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