Wildlife Terms
1.What is a marsupial?

2.Which of our species is a marsupial?

1.A pouched mammal.


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1.What does nocturnal mean?

2.Which of our species are nocturnal?

1.Animals that are active at night.

2.Little brown bat, great horned owl,

1.What does hibernate mean? 2.Which of our species hibernates?
1.To sleep or go dormant in the winter. 2.Woodchucks, little brown bats,
1.What does diurnal mean?

2.Which of our species are diurnal?

1.Animals that are active during the day.

2.Turkey vulture, eastern cottontail, gray squirrel.

What does the term mast mean?
Mast is the fruit of certain forest trees that are used by animals as food.
1.What does the term precocial mean?

2.Which of our species are considered precocial?

1.An animal that is precocial does not require a lot of care after it is born. It can leave the nest right after it is born.

2.Canada Goose

What is rabies?
Rabies is an infectous disease of animals that is transmitted through the saliva (spit) of animals during a bite.
1.What does the term piebald mean?

2.Which of our species can be piebald?

1.Piebald animals have patches of black, white and other colors.

2.The whitetail deer.

1.What does the term mustelid mean?

2.Which of our species is considered a mustelid?

1. Animals usually having long, slender bodies, short legs, and well-developed anal scent glands. The pelts of many mustelids have been important for use in clothing. Weasels, skunks, badgers, wolverines, ferrets, mink, martens, and otters are mustelids.

2.The striped skunk

1.What does the term dichromatic mean?

2.Which of our species is dichromatic?

1.An animal that is only able to see 2 different colors.

2.The screech owl,

1.What is a cavity nester?

2.Which of our species is a cavity nester?

1.A cavity nester is a bird that lays their eggs in cavities or holes.

2.Eastern Bluebird, screech owl,

1.What does the term arboreal mean?

2.Which of our species that is not a bird is considered arboreal?

1.Living in trees.

2.The Southern Flying Squirrel

1.What are some other names for the woodchuck?
1.Groundhog, marmot, whistle pig, monax
Which of our species is considered a waterfowl?
The Canada Goose
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